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START DATE: Sept. 02, 2020

How The Anxiety Breakthrough Program Helps Create Your Happily Ever After

​1. Address Instead of Suppress

What we resist persists. That is why we will not be trying to mask or numb or downplay the impact anxiety is currently having on your life. You will experience proven processes that let us be present to anxiety and its physical symptoms without letting it overwhelm us. Mastering this skill will begin to shift anxiety from a crippling force to the protective alarm system it should be.

2. Acknowledge what got you here

Experience with patients over the last decade, has made it clear that addressing the root cause of anxiety feels safe only if you have proven processes to access calm on demand. That's why I'll provide techniques to put anxiety in check quickly so that you can shift your state without relying on addictive drugs as we do the work to expose how we got here and chart the path out of anxiety's hold.

3. Understand the cast of characters in anxiety

Once we've discovered the root cause, we'll also need to address imbalances that contribute to anxiety that may have formed to compensate for living under such extreme stress. That means addressing a cast of characters including hormones, neurotransmitters and the state of the gut since that's where many of these essential biochemicals are created and/or absorbed.

4. Use proven tools to transcend anxiety now and forever

With clarity on which characters are running amuck, we can intelligently select which testing, medications, supplements and 1:1 care might be needed. We'll address those as you write a new story - a life by design. You'll be given an arsenal of tools to produce that story in real life every day, tools to transcend any twists that life brings to your plotline. You will have the skills to shine no matter what. 

Here's what you'll get:

For less than the price of two private visits in one of my clinics, you get an initial face to face virtual session with me, 9 weeks of group coaching and support, access to our private Anxiety Warrior community, and another private follow up session - just you and me - to fine tune the second half of our work together. But the real win in using the ACT method is Anxiety Freedom. That's my commitment to you. Here's a peek into the modules we'll do together.


Hope starts here with a safe process for shifting our resistance to anxiety so that we can receive its messages without panicking. Get clarity on your current emotional set point so you know which Force Field Strategies will improve the intensity of emotions you're able to withstand. Plus a Crisis Guide One-Sheet with step by step help for panic attacks.


Rewiring your brain can't happen until you reveal how it's wired right now. A safe, effective process packed with tools for amplifying your self-worth guides you to  acknowledge your Origin Story and clarify the Cast of Characters that have made anxiety an essential tool for survival. From there we can begin the process of rewriting a new story in which anxiety plays only a bit part.


Your tragedy is about to become your triumph! You'll learn how your brain works so that you have the ability to rewire it in such a way that it's no longer dependant on anxiety as its primary coping mechanism. You'll use the Glitter & Gold Freedom Model to alternate between cognitive and behavioral strategies to create entirely new neural networks.


Using advanced techniques from Trauma-Informed Therapy research and mind-body therapies, we will separate your identification with being an anxious person from recognizing anxiety as a set of extreme, emotion-inducing thoughts. We call this "Parts Work" - it empowers us to recognize that our individual psychological parts are not the whole of who we are. 


Some of the characters in our current life story bring more drama than they're worth. You get to design a House Of Boundaries that clarifies how deep or shallow relationships will be so that characters do not have the power to get intimate enough to trigger anxiety or other extreme emotions without your permission. 


To address the Physical Characters in your story, we get to go deep into the roles of hormones, epigenetics, and neurotransmitters.  We will cover disorders of the thyroid and adrenals, environmental toxins, and foods that affect anxiety. Of course - we'll also cover what to do about each of these and when you should invest in specific testing.


Testing and Targeting in the functional medicine world is EXPENSIVE. After intellectually and emotionally addressing anxiety, we'll use the Biological Characters Algorithm to assess any remaining symptoms. This speeds identification of underlying issues and prevents overspending on tests, medications and supplements.  


By this point, you'll have sent anxiety backstage. Time to use the 5F Life Design System to write your new story, produce the show, and invite the characters who get to be in your framily moving forward. You'll be using some original techniques to reveal conscious and unconscious, longings that will set your soul on fire. 


Now you're ready to open the Tools Of Transcendence. This is the arsenal of assets that range from  tools like acupressure, herbal medicine, supplements, and homeopathy to mindfulness practices. You will master the tools that resonate with you most so that whatever life throws at you - you can not only handle - YOU CAN SHINE.

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA

A Naturopathic Doctor with a Master's in Clinical Psychology

A YOUnique Approach

My commitment is to support you in releasing the control anxiety has over you. 


That's why I designed the ACT Method to start by addressing the essential things we can easily control. Only then do we move on to investigate the need to invest in testing, medications, supplements, or clinical care. 


My decade in this field has taught me that you owe it to yourself to cost-effectively clear any hurdles to releasing anxiety prior to stressing  your finances and your body with those options.


Anxiety will resume its place in your story as a side character who alerts you to danger rather than a stage hog calling all the shots.  That is my commitment to you when you enroll in this live program. It's the reason I've made it risk free for you with the Action Taker's 100% money back guarantee. 


You get to shine as the star in your life story. I get to help. 

No Worries... We have you covered!

You are covered by the Action Taker's Guarantee that grants you a full refund if you do the work and don't get the results. 


You will be clearly presented with exercises and processes to complete.


Share the work you've done with me privately or with the private group. 


Your experience of daily life changes with your neurochemistry & new habits. 


Customize Your Path

A YOUnique approach means understanding your starting point, which is why your initial session with Dr. Nicole will cover:

  • Your biggest current challenges & immediate needs
  • Clarity on current protocols including medications, supplements and treatments in progress
  • Evaluation for which tools within the program to reach for first, based on your current reality


By the time you have this call, you'll be clear on your root cause and be actively exercising tools to rewire your brain and create new, intentional habits that give you the daily life experience you choose.  This session with Dr. Nicole helps you fine tune by:

  • Reviewing all 5 sections of your 5F Life Design 
  • Exploring needs for testing based on any persisting challenges
  • Select which Tools For Transcendence to rely on as you implement your 5F system
  • Providing support in creating the community that gets to share the stage in the life you're creating (HINT: there may be some actors in your current story that won't be allowed back on stage.)


The power of the ACT Method comes from it's three-part sequence that builds progress. This stepwise approach holds off on more expensive things like testing, medications, supplements, and 1:1 care until we've seen how much impact we can have using drug-free, cognitive and behavior change tools proven to change neurochemistry and rewire our brains.  




“Oh my gosh I had to send you this quick note to tell you that it’s been three months and I haven’t had a single panic attack! I have been practicing my homework every night and have been able to reduce the dosage of my benzodiazepine-- which my doctor told me would never happen. I am doing so well and am so happy and wanted you to know. Thank you Dr. Cain!” 



“I wanted to thank you for making it so much easier for me to understand the mind body link. I had read a lot about the gut brain connection and had seen both functional medicine doctors and gastroenterologists without success. One of the biggest things I got out of the program is learning exactly how my emotions impact my gut. I have been practicing the affective tolerance skills and my anxiety is totally under control and my digestion is better than ever! I haven’t had any flairs in months and my doctor has taken me off of my stomach meds! I feel so empowered and so grateful.”


Vancouver, BC

“I finally know how to consistently feel my best. I have done work to unpack old wounds that made me anxious, and I have tools that I can use anytime and anywhere so that I can consistently show up for my family and for my clients from my best self. I finally feel capable of overcoming obstacles that may arise and not letting them take control of my life.” 

Grand Changes In Group Settings


More than 50 clinical trials compared patients treated in individual and group therapy. All of those studies overwhelmingly support the efficacy of groups with up to 85% more improvement in group participants. (1)


The famous psychiatrist Dr. Irvin Yalom credits this to the principle of universality, which simply credits the power of shared experience in combination with the giving and receiving of support between individuals tackling the same challenges. (2)


We're in this together!

(1) McDermut, Miller, Brown (2001) The Efficacy of Group Psychotherapy : A Meta-analysis and Review of The Empirical Research, Volume 8/ Issue 1, Clinical Psychology Science And Practice, Pages 98-117

(2) Hardey, Thomas, Stein, et al (2019) Psychotherapy Guide: Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy,

Is this Program Right for You?

My commitment to breakthrough anxiety extends to those willing and able to actively move towards their own happiness. In dedication to that cause, my team and I are vigilant about protecting this tribe. Here are clarifications to help you decide if  you're a good fit for this proactive and engaged community.


  • Individuals who want to get to the root cause of their anxiety and related symptoms

  • Those who are ready to invest in care and dedicate two hours minimum each week

  • People who are ready to make manageable but powerful changes to their lifestyle

  • Committed individuals who want access to science-backed integrative processes


  • Individuals who want a quick fix using the pill-for-every-ill paradigm of treatment

  • Those who are unwilling to invest money, time and attention toward a better future  

  • People who refuse to change old behaviors in order to get new results

  • Those who are not willing to use natural and integrative therapies to kick anxiety to the curb 


The Anxiety Breakthrough Program is delivered in a combination of LIVE private video sessions, virtual group video sessions, our ACT Method Membership site and our private Anxiety Freedom Facebook group. If you show up, do the work, share your efforts with me privately or in the group and you do not experience a drastic shift in your level of anxiety - you will get a 100% refund because I will not have fulfilled on my commitment to you. It's that simple. 

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

There aren't many things that can derail success for the Anxiety Warriors who dedicate themselves to implementing the ACT Method. But...I have seen a few things that slow success. That is why I'm including a few bonuses with your investment, just in case we find out that you need them during our initial visit or in our 5F Life Design Success Session. 

The Gut Psychology Mastery Course a $77 Value

Diet plays a crucial role in mental health. Why? Because so many components of our hormones and neurochemicals - which act as chemical messengers - are made in our gut lining. Low quality chemical messengers fail at communicating efficiently between your brain and body.  This course helps you fix that.

Medication Tapering Mastery Course a $297 Value

The horror stories about medications range from mild to debilitating side effects and from psychological to chemical dependence. In case it supports your journey, I am giving you access to this powerful course. 

High Libido Life Mastery Course a $177 Value

The impact of anxiety often extends to our sex lives. I've included this course as a bonus for two reasons.  First, because you deserve to have your libido back if you've lost it. Second, a healthy sex life helps balance hormones, increases confidence, deepens connection,'s a whole lot of fun. 


Remember, you have a RISK FREE Action Taker's Guarantee, you have a supportive group, and you get lifetime access to the program materials

Two 1:1 Private Sessions with Dr. Nicole



Group ACT Method Sessions


Three Bonus Mastery Courses (combined value)  


Getting your life back and igniting your soul







During this special ONE-TIME OFFER.

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below.

For less than the cost of two visits with me at one of my clinics, you get everything you need to

break-through anxiety and develop the skills to create your happily-ever-after, no matter what life throws your way.  You get two virtual, face-to-face visits PLUS... 9 LIVE group coaching sessions - one each week, access to the members only site that holds all of your exercises and activities, support inside our PRIVATE Facebook group including weekday access to me and my team of mental health professionals. 



(save $114.00 paying upfront)

  • CLARITY: Your Initial One-On-One Session with Dr. Nicole to assess your current challenges & immediate needs

  • CARE: 9 LIVE group coaching sessions to master the ACT Method of breaking through anxiety

  • COACHING: 3 LIVE "office hours" to ask questions and customize the ACT Method to work with your YOUnique needs

  • CUSTOMIZATION: A One-On-One Success Session with Dr. Nicole to review needs for testing and adjust your 5F Life Design System 

  • CONFIDENCE: 24/7 access to Anxiety Breakthrough  modules and exercises plus the recordings of our LIVE sessions, available whenever you need them

  • COMMUNITY: Access to our PRIVATE Anxiety Freedom Warriors Facebook Group for support and direct weekday access to me and my team

  • COST SAVINGS: Making your investment upfront saves you $114.00 on top of the $3,804.00 you save compared to the retail value of the virtual visits, group sessions and bonus programs



(3 bi-weekly payments of $437.00)

  • CLARITY: Your Initial One-On-One Session with Dr. Nicole to assess your current challenges & immediate needs

  • CARE: 9 LIVE group coaching sessions to master the ACT Method of breaking through anxiety

  • COACHING: 3 LIVE "office hours" to ask questions and customize the ACT Method to work with your YOUnique needs

  • CUSTOMIZATION: A One-On-One Success Session with Dr. Nicole to review needs for testing and adjust your 5F Life Design System 

  • CONFIDENCE: 24/7 access to Anxiety Breakthrough  modules and exercises plus the recordings of our LIVE sessions, available whenever you need them

  • COMMUNITY: Access to our PRIVATE Anxiety Freedom Warriors Facebook Group for support and direct weekday access to me and my team

  • COST DEFERMENT: Break up your investment into payments that work for your budget while still saving $3690.90 off the retail price of the virtual visits, group sessions and bonus programs 


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How do I know it’s worth the investment?

How will I know this will be worth my time and resources?

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