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        “Oh my gosh I had to send you this quick note to tell you that it’s been three months and I haven’t had a single panic attack! I have been practicing my homework every night and have been able to reduce the dosage of my benzodiazepine-- which my doctor told me would never happen. I am doing so well and am so happy and wanted you to know. Thank you Dr. Cain!” 



        “I wanted to thank you for making it so much easier for me to understand the mind body link. I had read a lot about the gut brain connection and had seen both functional medicine doctors and gastroenterologists without success. One of the biggest things I got out of the program is learning exactly how my emotions impact my gut. I have been practicing the affective tolerance skills and my anxiety is totally under control and my digestion is better than ever! I haven’t had any flairs in months and my doctor has taken me off of my stomach meds! I feel so empowered and so grateful.”



        “I finally know how to consistently feel my best. I have done work to unpack old wounds that made me anxious, and I have tools that I can use anytime and anywhere so that I can consistently show up for my family and for my clients from my best self. I finally feel capable of overcoming obstacles that may arise and not letting them take control of my life.” 


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