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Here's Your Workbook

This workbook will help you absorb and apply what we're covering in the masterclass so that you get to experience the use of one of the powerful Anxiety Freedom tools that graduates have shared has radically changed their lives. 

What You'll Learn In Today's Exclusive Training:

    [0:00 - 3:23] Welcome, agenda and an overview of the ACT Model for being free from anxiety, plus a special invitation.


    [5:35 - 7:27] How to stop overinvesting time and money using a new paradigm that has effectively worked to give thousands their power back by winning the battle against anxiety.


    [10:42 - 12:02] The four powerful steps that make up Somatographic Imagery; the secret tool to get to the root cause of your anxiety and begin the process of true healing.


    [12:07 - 17:02] In Step 1, you'll gain the tools to awaken to your story, the underlying causes of your anxiety, and begin the process of healing.


    [18:21 - 24:33] Step 2: Insight - Learn how to understand why you feel the way you feel and connect more deeply with underlying messages.


    [24:34 - 26:16] You’ll be guided through an effective process to transition through an anxious episode when it hits.


    [26:17 - 29:47] Step 4: Renew-Begin the process of rewiring your brain, designing your life, and writing your story the way you want to.


    [29:49 - 38:07] A closure process called The Memory Trunk, the surefire way to end the struggle with intrusive thoughts. This section is a must-listen.


    [38:08 - 39:25] You’ll be guided through a self assessment on your level of clarity on the factors contributing to your anxiety, and your current access to tools for change.


    [39:28 - 45:04] Research is revealed on the ways to access to 85% greater success on the journey to end anxiety. 


    [45:05 - 50:56 ] Your opportunity to take advantage of supplemental help that may help you in your journey! 


    [50:57 - 55:20] A summary and tips for applying the powerful processes Dr. Nicole shares today in your everyday life so that you get the results you want.  

    My commitment is to support you in releasing the control anxiety has over you. 


    That's why I designed the ACT Method to start by addressing the essential things we can easily control. Only then do we move on to investigate the need to invest in testing, medications, supplements, or clinical care. 


    My decade in this field has taught me that you owe it to yourself to cost-effectively clear any hurdles to releasing anxiety prior to stressing  your finances and your body with those options.


    Anxiety will resume its place in your story as a side character who alerts you to danger rather than a stage hog calling all the shots.  That is my commitment to you when you enroll in this live program. It's the reason I've made it risk free for you with the Action Takers 100% money back guarantee. 


    You get to shine as the star in your life story. I get to help. 

    Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA

    A Naturopathic Doctor with a Master's in Clinical Psychology


      It's okay to get a little help if you need it!

      • Relieves reslessness

      • Stops heart palpitations

      • Eases persistent, nagging, repetitive, intrusive thought patterns.

      • Does NOT slow down brain function

      • No foggy or low-energy feelings

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